Posted by Patrick Weiler on 04-09-2003 12:35 AM:

NERS Shahsavans


There are some Shahsavan weavings shown on the New England Rug Society web site, in their Gallery, from a 1991 exhibition. Their site is accessible from the Links page of Turkotek, or from this URL:

Items 26-30 are designated as Shahsavan.
(click on each thumbnail photo to link to a page with a larger photo and description, then click on the photo again for an enlargement)
#26 has a design of crosses inside of diamonds. This design is similar to Kurdish weavings, too, but the upper panels are familiar from Shahsavan weavings.
The bags in #29 and #30 have somewhat unusual designs, construction and sizes.
What are your thoughts regarding these weavings?

Patrick Weiler

Posted by Bertram Frauenknecht on 04-11-2003 02:18 PM:

Hello Patrick,
I consider these weavings to be Shahsevan. Bag #26 I've seen this design a few times and the weave didn't look Kurdish to me at all. The drawing on # 29 is not so unusual. It carries a lot of recognizable Shahsevan features and it is the typical soumac weave as far as I can recognize on this screen. # 30 seems to be this type of white cotton ground, the drawing done as an extra weft brocade, carrying typical Shahs. symbols.