Posted by Steve Price on 03-18-2003 05:25 PM:

Closing Remarks

Hi People,

Keith sent me these closing comments for the discussion.

Thanks Steve,

I don't know what to add, except that it's important some survey be made of more recent books. In other words the second part, which I've partially written. It would discuss among many other things, the influence of Jon Thompson on Turkoman studies, and Herrmann's unequalled catalogs.

And the Jim Burns books on Kurdish rugs, just published, is an example of the best book possibly ever produced, along with the ikat book by Andy Hale and Kate Fitzgibbon. Willborg's book on Bakhtiari also looks ambitious in the sense that it seems to be a thorough treatment of a subject not already extensively written about (like kilims and Turkoman). However, I've only ordered it and not received it yet.