Posted by R. John Howe on 02-17-2003 10:56 AM:

Yurok Rug

Dear folks -

Before this salon begain we had a conversation on the Show and Tell board in which we discussed in part, this Yurok long rug of Joe's.

You will recall that Joe felt that a design change that happens about halfway up this piece and seems to start again with the sequence with which the rug begins, was an indication that this piece had been copied from a rug about half the size of this one.

This interpretation was not accepted much, especially by Filiberto but also by others, and I think even Marla Mallett suggested an alternative explanation.

This post is to report that I have encountered a similar rug on the Internet, also described as Yurok, with very similar designs and something quite close to the color palette of Joe's rug. This Internet rug is also described has having long, glossy wool.

But the most interesting thing to me about this Internet rug is that it is almost five feet square. So such rugs were made in a size that would support Joe's hypothesis.

I would love to put its image up here but it is currently for sale.


R. John Howe

Posted by Tracy Davis on 02-17-2003 04:56 PM:


Steve? It would be okay to post the photo alone, without any info about its location or price, wouldn't it?

Posted by Steve Price on 02-17-2003 05:08 PM:

Hi Tracy

It would be OK to post the image, as long as there is no commentary bearing on it desirability or on the vendor's reputation. As a rule, we don't put up images of things that are for sale except when they serve to demonstrate some point under discussion, and it appears from John's post that this is the case. If someone will send me the image or its URL, I'll add it to this thread.


Steve Price

Posted by Steve Price on 02-17-2003 08:16 PM:

Dear People,

Here is the nearly square rug to which John referred. It is currently for sale, so no judgments, please.


Steve Price