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Lonsheim, 24.11.2002


The last weeks kept us quite busy but it was a kind of "positive eu-stress". Thanks a lot for the many contributions that reflected a surprising high interest in kilim issues and connected questions of similar material ( early authentic village rugs...). We guess that it became clear how many yet unanswered questions are still there !
Whether the success of the San Francisco kilim exhibition was a draw back for inviting American collectors to enter this area or not could not be answered, as we sense it. The different goals that lovers of early kilims and village rugs have opposite to the lovers of "good condition" were apparent. That we could start together to build up sound coherent measures for qualities we did not expect
as the conditio sine qua non for any such effort, to know the real origin of a piece, seems to be a brand new ( and openly debated) question for many of the readers - the intentions of our proposed grading scheme are still mysterious to some of them, we guess.The usual fate of any new question. That A-pieces exist and that such intelligence may be collected in fact seemed to have been a surprise to many of you.
We particularly liked the additional focus that Josephine Powell's project apparently got by this salon. It is closely connected to these questions anyway. More than usual, as we hope, this salon was a kind of transatlantic bridge.

Yesterday we had a fascinating workshop/seminary event at the Deutsches Textilmuseum in Krefeld. More than 100 kilim lovers came together at bright sunshine for a dense lecture program .

Prof. Heinz Meyer: Aesthetic and symbolism in stripe compisitions in textile art.
Karl-Michael Plötze: Cause and effect - the infuence of technique on the composition of kilims.
Dietmar Pelz: Zebra stripes and hooked attachments - contour variants within a multi-branched kilim family.
Michael Bischof: Which significance has the knowledge of the origin of kilims for their evaluation ?

Then a show-and-tell program followed of such a high average quality that I cannot remember anything comparable from previous years.
So kilims are in focus more than ever - let us work together to make it go on like that !

Michael Bischof - Memduh Kürtül sends greetings from Konya

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