Posted by Robert Emry on 05-24-2002 11:09 PM:

Another diagonally-striped Baluch.

Here's another one similar to Steve's and the others posted.

This one also has asymmetric knot open right (is there a pattern developing here). I can trace it back only as far as the Georgetown Flea Market a few weeks ago. Actually I think it has some age, and it appears that a mouse liked the quality of the wool well enough to borrow some for a nest.

Bob Emry

Posted by Steve Price on 05-25-2002 07:35 AM:

Hi Bob,

Your piece has an interesting reciprocal dentate design in the end kilim sections - I don't think I've seen anything like that before. Have you?



Posted by Robert Emry on 05-25-2002 09:21 AM:

Now that you mention it, I don't think I have seen this kind of regular sawtooth design in the kilim of a Baluch rug before.