Posted by Glenn Manser on 06-07-2002 07:35 AM:

Interesting Baluch-chequerboard design

Steve, thanks for posting this Salon. It is good to be reminded of how diverse this area of collecting can be.

I would like to post this piece which I find interesting. When I purchased it the attribution given was "Aimaq". Since then it has been described as a "Timuri" and if one cares to peruse the Rippon-Boswell catalogues this is referred to as "Khordi". What do people think ?

It is 35" x 71". It is of chequerboard design with a Turkic like motif.(See Boucher, plate 53) It has fine wool warps and wefts(brown, 2 shoots) and 2 cabled selvedges overbound in goats hair, symmetric knots open left. The pile is soft glossy wool with all natural colours(red,rust-red,dark blue,electric blue,blue-green, aubergine, brown slightly corroded and ivory).


Posted by Steve Price on 06-07-2002 07:58 AM:

Hi Glenn,

I like the palette, and I'm sure Pat Weiler will notice the crosses.

As nearly as I can tell, attributions within the Belouch group are pretty arbitrary. I had hoped this Salon would precipitate some discussion on the subject, but I have a feeling that there isn't enough concrete information with which to do it. One of the things I like about the folks who hang out here is that when they don't have anything to say, they don't say anything.


Steve Price