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The definition of a chanteh is a small bag, pouch or satchel. I spent a while looking it up in various English-Persian dictionaries and did not find it. In Hubel, The Book of Carpets, 1964, he calls it a Tantye, small bag. This book was translated from German, so it is not clear if the translation was a "sounds like" translation or not. The word Tantye also does not appear in English-Persian dictionaries. Hubel shows, in plate 100, a Gashgai small bag=Tantye, carried on a belt or hung on a strap over the shoulder. This sounds a lot like the Bags? Chuck Wagner has shown.
Hubel's list of terms "According to use and custom" says
"Bags. Smallest, for money: Tantye(tanche) figure 100.
For pipes:kailandan figure 105"
Figure 105 shows a taller than wide 38x27 cm Gailanden = pipe bag of "dyeddyim technique (probably sumak).
I will post a photograph of a bag similar in size and shape later.


Patrick Weiler

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Not Chanteh

Here are the photos of a flatweave bag that is not a chanteh, but similar in size and shape to what David Black's book called a pipe bag:

It is 9" wide by 13" tall when folded as it would have been used. It is 18" wide unfolded.
This type of bag was apparently woven by the Jebal Barez Afshar in SE Iran, near to the southern Baluch territory. These groupes of nomadic Baluch probably wove only flatweave items for carrying their belongings in. The weather was blistering hot, the sand ferociously abrasive and the water either torrentially flooding or completely nonexistent.
This bag has eight of the small cross motifs outlined with white cotton. In an area of little water you cannot grow cotton, so these cotton highlights would have been as exotic as silk. The plain weave ground is made from a medium brown, coarse camel-colored wool or goats hair - it looks like burlap. The weft substitution panels at the top and bottom are reminiscent of Baluch patterns, so many of these SE Iran weavings were mistaken for Baluch.

Now, if anyone has a photo of the pipe that would have been carried in this bag, please post it!

Patrick Weiler

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