Posted by R. John Howe on 02-25-2002 07:14 AM:

A "Yummy" Yomut

Dear folks -

Just my luck to pick for my initial comment to be on a pick that is "on the market." I want to be clear that I didn't know that was the case either.

Let me try again.

Another piece that I was taken with in Dennis' Rug Morning is rug 14.

First, the color in this piece jumps at you. The use of blue in the unusual minor field element and in other selected details is especially lovely. The "tauk naska" guls are well drawn and the skirt devices, that resemble "open top palmettes," are delightful. The meander style main border is unusual, in part, because the "bird on the pole" device is used in a horizontal position with both "wings" back. I don't think I've seen this precise usage in another Turkmen rug.

This piece might appear a little "stiff" on the screen but is not at all, in my view, when encountered "in the wool."


R. John Howe

Posted by Dennis Dodds on 02-25-2002 07:01 PM:


The use of alternating pale blue and emerald green in the secondary guls is very satisfying. And to me these colors are especially sparkling when juxtaposed against the red of the skeletal cross forms inside the diamonds. (I call this my Christmas Seals carpet)

I know of only one other piece that handles these minor ornaments in a very similar way -- it's in the McCoy Jones Collection at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco.
Dennis Dodds/MAQAM

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