Posted by Vincent Keers on 02-16-2002 06:29 AM:

Goodmorning! Join The Dragon party.

Dear Sophia,

Thank you for this "far out"? Salon.

In the end, when all the wine glasses are empty and all the green stuff has been smoked, I think some of us need to consult the A.A.D.D.(Anonymous Alcohol Drinking Dragons.)

This illustration came to me when I was enjoying my old Karagashli. The Dragons suddenly began shouting to me:"Don't you see it! Our glasses are empty!!!"

I wished I could have been of more help, but my English got in the way. Reading takes a while at some points and as Steve made clear, no discussion if everybody agrees. But, at the moment this becomes a sort of black and white discussion, the essential objective gets lost.

Looking in a split vision, studying black and white, improvising etc. did bring some astonnishing elavations in human history.
If looking for things that aren't there at all, helps us apreciate our art more intensely, I think your Salon did a great job and I thank you for that.

Best regards,


Posted by Glenn Manser on 02-16-2002 07:43 AM:


Dear Sophia,

From memory part of the title of this Salon was ".. Further Thoughts.." or as I interpreted it a different perspective on the subject at hand. In these endeavours you have succeeded admirably.

Your posts have proved stimulating and provocative at times, but isn't that what this forum is all about?

Thanks should go to Steve for encouraging you to take on this onerous and time consuming job and I hope in the not too distant future you can be persuaded to return as host of another Salon.



Posted by Patrick Weiler on 02-16-2002 06:48 PM:

Dragons hiding in plain sight


Perhaps it was due to trying to read these posts late at night (by Dragon-Light) that I was unable to see the dragons in your design. Today, by the light of the sun, I realize that the design you are showing consists of two dragons, one red, the other green, roaring at each other. The "Wine-Glass" is merely the space between the dragons. The two dragons on the far right are "right-side-up" and the two in the middle are "up-side-down". There is a "fifth" dragon over to the far left, drinking his "fifth" alone.
I believe that Wendel Swan would take exception to your characterization of this common, so-called "Leaf-and-Wine-Glass" border as representing living chimerical creatures, though. He visited our rug club this Friday and gave a presentation of his research showing that, in fact, the border is purely geometric. I will post a few photos of our meeting on the Show & Tell board shortly.

Chimerically yours,

Patrick Weiler