Posted by Patrick Weiler on 01-22-2002 09:21 PM:

Camel Head Cover


The link below shows a camel head cover. This cover is folded so it only shows one "open space", but you can see the similarity in design format.
(You CAN see the similarity, RIGHT?)

There are vertical panels separated by openings.


Patrick Weiler

Posted by Patrick Weiler on 01-22-2002 09:25 PM:

Another Camel Head Cover


Some psychologists think that repetition of a fact conditions people to believe it, hence this second example of a camel head cover:

Repetitively yours,

Patrick Weiler

Posted by Steve Price on 01-22-2002 10:04 PM:

Hi Patrick,

I see the similarity to which you refer - open rectangles enclosed by red fabric - but am not at all convinced that there is a familial relationship between these openings and the white panels of the mafrash under consideration.

The tentband origin was also mentioned, and I received an email message suggesting that the panels and the tree of life motif are rooted (no pun intended) in tentbands. I'll try to get some tentband sections scanned and posted so we can have a look and see how similar they are.


Steve Price

Posted by Tom Cole on 02-02-2002 10:16 AM:

The non Turkmen Central Asian camel head cover bears little to no relationship to the featured Turkmen pieces being discussed. The iconography of this piece is reflected in felt related patterns which are used by these Central Asian tribal peoples. And the felt patterns may draw their ultimate inspiration from the ancient Pazyryk tomb relics. I personally feel the Turkmen pieces discussed here are mistakenly called "tree of life", a western term. The designs are akin to Turkmen tent band motifs, an iconographic base which has yet to be fully analyzed or understood, by even hard core Turkmen collectors, some of whom shy away from buying them due to their seemingly foreign aesthetic.

Posted by Tom Cole on 02-02-2002 10:20 AM:

Just read the other postings regarding the tent band relationship. So my thoughts are redundant in this discussion.. .....carry on, folks.