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Subject  :  The Space Available
Author  :  Steve Price mailto:%20sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Date  :  11-18-2001 on 05:02 p.m.
Hi Jerry,

The subject of space availability has come up here and there, but only as a more or less peripheral issue. One thing that people can forget when thinking about exhibition planning and selection is just how much of an influence it can have.

The "Highstyle to Homestyle" exhibition at ICOC in Philadelphia was in a fabulous space. Huge, loads of walls, some rooms more than two stories high. It would lend itself to almost any assortment of stuff. The "Orient Stars" exhibition at ICOV in Hamburg enjoyed a similar venue.

But most spaces present constraints on large objects. Not just main carpets, anything with a substantial third dimension to its structure takes up a considerable amount of room; Shahsavan cargo bags, chapans, chyrpys, for example.

The easiest exhibitions to arrange and set up, I suspect, are those where the objects are fairly small and of nearly uniform size. Yastiks and Kaitag embroideries come to mind.

is this a consideration for your committee, or is it too early in the game to be concerned about it yet?


Steve Price

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