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Subject  :  Offset verticals?
Author  :  Christoph Huber mailto:%20huber-ch@pilatusnet.ch
Date  :  10-03-2001 on 05:45 p.m.
Dear all

As can be seen on some of the other threads, one of the main issues discussing offset knotting is the necessity of transitions to vertical design elements.
At least theoretically there would be the possibility to avoid these fatiguing transitions by offset knotting vertical lines as well. Verticals would be slightly jagged just as on mixed technique tent bands.
Does anyone know of a weaving with offset verticals? (Except for the mentioned ak yüps.)
On a carpet offset verticals would probably look like the ones on the following (regularly knotted) Beshir.

Jourdan, No. 299 “Ersari group, Emirate Buchara”

The ornamentation of the field has no verticals and would be perfectly fitted for offset knotting and one could even ask whether we are facing a weaving copying an offset knotted model. I think this would be quite remarkable since Beshir and Ersari carpets aren't famous for using offset knotting...

Best regards,

Subject  :  Re:Offset verticals?
Author  :  R. John Howe mailto:%20rjhowe@erols.com
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 06:33 a.m.
Christoph -

Another thing I'm noticing about this regularly knotted example is that while the diagonals seem smooth, the straight vertical columns and the "ram's horn" devices seem a little ragged. Is that not just the opposite of what one would expect (at least with the vertical design components) with regular knotting? And why do the "ram's horn" devices (that include some brief moves to the diagonal) also look ragged throughout?


R. John Howe

Subject  :  Re:Offset verticals?
Author  :  Christoph Huber mailto:%20huber-ch@pilatusnet.ch
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 01:34 p.m.
Dear John

With „while the diagonals seem smooth, the straight vertical columns [...] seem a little ragged“ you described the effect overall offset knotting would produce. Since on this regular knotted rug the raggedness of the “stem” isn’t structure determined it can be applied wherever the weaver wants to do so. But you’re right, the horizontal and diagonal parts of the “ram’s horns” wouldn’t be ragged for structural reasons if offset knotted.
We could explain this in different ways:
- The jagged outline is a deliberate artistic expression and has nothing to do with structure.
- The jagged outline which was inspired by offset knotted verticals was used also where it wouldn’t be required copying an offset knotted model - for aesthetic reasons, I would guess.


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