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Subject  :  Will you fall into this trap?
Author  :  Daniel Deschuyteneer mailto:%20daniel-d@skynet.be
Date  :  10-03-2001 on 04:21 p.m.
Dear all,

Here is another example of sharp and smooth diagonal drawn with offset knotting. Offsets are very clear in the lower part of this direct scan. Isnít it?

The answer is in the upper part of the photo.



Deschuyteneer Daniel

Subject  :  Re:Will you fall into this trap?
Author  :  R. John Howe mailto:%20rjhowe@erols.com
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 06:20 a.m.
OK, Daniel, I'm willing to fall.

It appears to me that in the lower half of the image we can see each knot having two knot nodes and moving over only one warp at a time at each level.

What I see in the top part looks like one knot node per knot (I'm especially looking at the black knots). I'm not sure, though, what is going on. Are these knots over one warp at the top or what?

I do confess, that I never look this closely at structure.

Please clear up your mystery here.


R. John Howe

Subject  :  Re:Will you fall into this trap?
Author  :  Ludwina mailto:%20akbulut@ispro.net.tr
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 07:57 a.m.
Hello Daniel,

I am not sure but I thżnk it is a fine knotting. Half of a knot is so depressed that you can not see the second half of the knot.
So the design in the lower part starts with 2 knots adding 2 on each side..
making diagonals over 2 knots sliding one every line.
the design in the upper part starts with 3 knots making diagonal lines with one knot.

It is not so easy to be sure from a photo.

Ludwina Akbulut

Subject  :  Re:Will you fall into this trap?
Author  :  Kenneth Thompson mailto:%20wkthompson@aol.com
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 10:36 a.m.
Dear Daniel

I think Ludwina is guessing along the right lines. The warps are so depressed that you are only seeing the lower half of the knot. In the rows of red knots at the top you can see the other knot peeping out. (Unless, of course, this a weaving from one of the lost
Kurdish tribes of Spain who only tie a single knot over each warp.)

Regards to all, Ken

Subject  :  Re:Will you fall into this trap?
Author  :  Wendel Swan mailto:%20wdswan@erols.com
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 11:11 a.m.
Dear Daniel,

My guess is that the knots at the top of the image are Spanish knots or at least some form of knot tied on a single warp.


Subject  :  Re:Will you fall into this trap?
Author  :  Daniel Deschuyteneer mailto:%20daniel-d@skynet.be
Date  :  10-04-2001 on 05:50 p.m.
Dear all,

I apologize for having been unfair. I agree, it isnít always easy without handling a rug and without having a more detailed technical description.

In fact, there arenít any mystery. It is the back of a Persian Bidjar rug. As you know in such rugs warps are severely depressed and lie on to levels. So only half of each knot (one nodule) is visible on the back.

In the upper part of the picture, the dark brown diagonal are just ONE nodule of ONE knot, in the lower part, where dark brown knots SEEM to be offset, they arenít. In fact we just do see TWO nodules of TWO knots.

Another trap are the Senneh rugs.

Look at this picture:

At the edges of this scan, green and yellow diagonals SEEM to be drawn with offset knots but they arenít.

Senneh rugs have a warp predominant ground weave and the heavy taut weft, inserted with no ease, forced each warp in a sinuous path. This explain why in this rug as in Bidjar rugs only one nodule of each knot is visible on the back.

It is easy to see if you look for colors that show only one nodule

For more information about Senneh weave follow this link.


and scroll your screen until you meet this tittle : A Distinctive Senneh Weave

Thanks for your participation.

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