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Subject  :  China
Author  :  Vincent Keers mailto:%20vkeers@worldonline.nl
Date  :  10-05-2001 on 07:17 a.m.
Dear Marla,

Found 5 old china rugs. 4 are small 120x60cm.
One is 188 x 125 cm.
You should expect, the bigger the rug, the less need for offset knotting. With old Chinees it's not the case.

Old Chinees rugs show this a lot.
Why? Think it's because of the realistic designs and the lack of warpdepression. The more realistic a design must look,the more offset knots are used.

Warp: Cotton, S5z. No depression
Weft: Cotton, S2z, 2x
Knot: a-symmetric open left
4 over warplenght cm. 3 along weftlenght cm.
Wool: z, 2ply no twist

Best regards,

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