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Salon 73: Offset Knotting: Where and Why? by Daniel Deschuyteneer

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China - Vincent Keers

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Offset verticals? - Christoph Huber

Other Technique for the Same Purpose - Daniel Deschuyteneer

Offset workshop carpets? - Christoph Huber

Offset Knotting as Bad Weaving? - John Howe

Question for Marvin - Marla Mallett

Another Turkmen Piece - Steve Price

Baluch? Boteh Balisht - Patrick Weiler

Baklava - Daniel Deschuyteneer

RUGS WITH HOOKED HEXAGONS - Daniel Deschuyteneer

Pile Bag with Offset and Vertical Knotting - Kenneth Thompson

Smoothness and Steepness - R. John Howe