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Subject  :  Not ugly, just unpleasant
Author  :  Filiberto Boncompagni mailto:%20filibert@go.com.jo
Date  :  04-01-2001 on 08:41 a.m.
(ideally to be read having in mind the voice and the accent of the late Alfred Hitchcock)

Hem…Being a person of RARE taste and discernment, I obviously NEVER bought an ugly rug.

My wife, though, never blessed by such a perfection, is occasionally prone to some errors of judgement. One of them, she asserts, was in marrying me. Another one was to buy this rather UNPLEASANT… thing, if I may say so. On the screen it doesn’t look too bad, actually.

Being also quite a tolerant fellow I did not object, at the time, to her purchase - hoping, I have to admit, that my benevolence could be reciprocated if, in the future, a similar circumstance should occur.

This utterly rustic rug is characterized by very UNNATURAL colours, if I may say so. Bright but lifeless. The wool is low-quality, dull and dry. Why my wife likes it? It’s still a deep mystery to me.

As they used to say, “De gustibus non est disputandum”.

My best regards,


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