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Subject  :  More Agonizing
Author  :  Tracy Davis mailto:%20tracy@northfield.org
Date  :  04-06-2001 on 04:13 p.m.
I'm pleased to be making my public humiliation debut here on TurkoTek.
In the "what was I thinking" department, I present a stunning modernish Afshar, whose Day-Glo colors and coarse weave were so offensive, my dog wouldn't even pee on it.

Then there was the 1970ish Kurd with truly disgusting cow-byre colors of rust, steel gray, and not-found-in-nature green...

In my own defense, I have to say that I bought both of these on the strength of a couple of very fuzzy digital photos. It's amazing how bad photos can make truly noxious rugs look only half-bad.

Subject  :  Re:More Agonizing
Author  :  R. John Howe mailto:%20rjhowe@erols.com
Date  :  04-06-2001 on 10:25 p.m.
Tracy -


It may not be an optimum thing to have to make your debut here as an act of humiliation but the side-ways chevrons on your second piece here clearly demonstate that even it has its points.


R. John Howe

Subject  :  Re:More Agonizing
Author  :  Patrick Weiler mailto:%20theweilers@home.com
Date  :  04-06-2001 on 10:29 p.m.

Do you think we could all donate these unspeakable horrors to a Rug Institute? They could use them for a class on what not to buy and why. I am sure the tax deduction would be substantial.

Your fellow sufferer,

Patrick Weiler

Subject  :  Re:More Agonizing
Author  :  Tracy mailto:%20tracy@northfield.org
Date  :  04-09-2001 on 10:59 a.m.
Patrick, I like your idea and would like to take it and run with it. What if we get together and obtain some kind of accreditation? Then we could write this crap off as tuition, which is how we've thought of it anyway....

Subject  :  Re:More Agonizing
Author  :  Patrick Weiler mailto:%20theweilers@home.com
Date  :  04-09-2001 on 08:18 p.m.

I only wish someone would take off and run......with my ugly rugs.
As someone else has mentioned, some of these rugs are too embarrasing to even try to sell.
If they did get stolen (and the thief left the good ones) my insurance company would probably charge ME money just for owning such garbage.

Patrick Weiler

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