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Subject  :  Offset Knots
Author  :  Patrick Weiler mailto:%20theweilers@home.com
Date  :  02-25-2001 on 08:20 p.m.

This is an enigmatic and unusual weaving. Most I have seen of this size and combination of techniques have been designated Kurdish. Usually the top/soumak half has a two-panel design with both panels the same design except the colors are different from one panel to the next. The bottoms are often octagon-star or memling gul designs. A quick check of a couple of sources did not show any like this, so a little more of your "wall of books" research will be necessary.

I noticed that the knotted half appears to show offset knots. It is easiest to see this at the apex of a latch-hook, where the two warps that the knot covers are also covered by one half of each of two separate knots in the row below.
This is usually indicative of Kurdish provenance.

More examples with different designs will probably be rooted out by your salon.

Patrick Weiler

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