TurkoTek Salon Archive

Salon 58: Why Don't Museums Provide Better Lighting? by Sara Wolf

Summary - R. John Howe

Accessibility - R. John Howe

Flash Photo: What Harm? - R. John Howe

Financial constraints - Yon Bard

State of the Art: Moth Strategies - R. John Howe

Detergents - Sara Wolf

Rugs in the field. - Tom Cole

This and that - Yon Bard

Washing Rugs - R. John Howe

Intemperate statements - Sara Wolf

What has and can be done? - Wendel Swan

scholarship vrs. exhibition - Richard Farber

A Few Museum Stories - Steve Price

Application to Piled Rugs - Marvin Amstey

Back to lighting - Wendel Swan

Access to museum storage - Wendel Swan

TM Saturday access - Wendel Swan

This and that - Mike Tschebull

Flash/no flash - Sara Wolf

Natural vrs. Artificial - Richard Farber

Lighting in ICOC X Exhibitions - R. John Howe