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Subject  :  An Anatolian Kurdish Rug
Author  :  Kenneth Thompson mailto:%20wkthompson@aol.com
Date  :  01-10-2001 on 08:52 a.m.
Dear Daniel and All,

Here is another example to add to this salon. This is a Kurdish runner from the Bingöl ("Thousand Lakes") area of Eastern Anatolia. It dates from the first quarter of the 20th Century and came from a house in Kastamonu, north of Ankara, but was bought in Istanbul in 1975. It has many of the criteria cited. It has long soft, silky wool, coarse weave (35 kpsi-- 5 horiz x 7 vert symmetric knots), floppy handle, no warp depression. The field design is linked diamond lozenges with latchhooks. Lots of interspersed "s" and occasional "chou" motifs. White wool warp and maroon/brown woolen weft. There is some goathair in the warps. Dimensions: 102" x 36". There is oblique braiding (interlacing?) at each end and colored selvedge in bands of contrasting colors. The center medallion was once purple (patlican), but has faded to grey. Color in the photos is not accurate. Though there is no orange in the piece, which is a rich red with abrash, in the photos the yellow light has turned the apricot color to orange and made the other colors more garish than they actually are.



Subject  :  Re:An Anatolian Kurdish Rug
Author  :  Daniel Deschuyteneer mailto:%20daniel.d@infonie.be
Date  :  01-10-2001 on 04:07 p.m.
Dear Ken,

Thanks to share this rug with us. What to say?

Yes, it looks like an authentic Kurdish rug at least one which correspond to my guideline.
The end finishes are oblique interlacing.



Subject  :  Re:An Anatolian Kurdish Rug
Author  :  Michael Wendorf mailto:%20wendorfm@home.com
Date  :  01-10-2001 on 04:49 p.m.
Dear Readers:

The rug in the image provided by Ken is of a fairly well known type that is surely woven in eastern Anatolia and fits the Kurdish criteria Daniel has begun to document. A closely related example is found in Bruggeman and Bohmer plate 95. The rug in plate 95 has the following technical description:
310cm x 102cm
Warps: wool, 2 plys or "yarns", white, level.
Wefts: wool, dark brown, 3 - 5.
pile: wool, two "yarns", plied S
Knots: symmetrical, v26 x h 23 = 600/dm2
Sides: wool, orange-red, brown-red, around two warp pairs: V shaped decorative stitch.
Ends: kilim, brown

Like Ken's rug, the endless repeat is broken in the B & B rug plate 95 by an open lozenge with crowning top and bottom. I refer to the small diamond like motif atop the upper lozenge. Perhaps this is a distinct group within the larger tradition of such endless repeat formats.

I cannot tell from the image, but it would be helpful to know whether there is a cochineal or carminic acid color in Ken's rug. The B & B rug does not have this color, though the color is common in the area and other rugs in this general format.

Thank you for the image. Michael Wendorf

Subject  :  Re:An Anatolian Kurdish Rug
Author  :  Daniel Deschuyteneer mailto:%20daniel.d@infonie.be
Date  :  01-12-2001 on 09:49 p.m.
Dear all,
This crown-like appendage appears in most so-called Gaziantepe rugs. Are we speaking about the same rugs?



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