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Subject  :  Problem solved
Author  :  Vincent Keers mailto:%20vkeers@worldonline.nl
Date  :  11-27-2000 on 07:30 p.m.
Dear all,

If I encounter anything out of the ordinary, I usually try to think of the problem that had to be solved. If the Internal Elem is out there, I would first like to have some description of the problem that had to be solved by the people that constructed the Internal Elem.
I think it's very hard to do.
I'll give it a try:
Why do nomadic rugs seem to be divided in 3 parts? Why not 2, 4, 5?
The nr. 3 seems very essential in the discussion.
-You need a front, a top and a back part.
Because you'll use it to cover something?
-Because migration is 2 times a year, that divides the rug in 3 parts in one year?
-Because the sheep get a shave two times a year, that gives a different wool quality, that gives different colors?

If anyone can give a down to earth reason, it would be helpful. Because investigating without some constructive, plausible exposition of the reason why, seems fruitless to me.
Again, no religion allowed, for it tends to make everything crystal clear and unexplainable.
No mothers in law, girls thinking about boys or friends paying a visit.
It can't be argued that some rugs do have something in common like.... a differentiation somewhere in the lower part. But this is something that has been clear to all of us.
And even if we could find 200 rugs with a horizontal line, at exactly the same point in the rugs, what does this tell me?
So Mr. Shiv sees something, makes it his own, but can't explain the Why?
It's like looking at a bicycle one morning and discover it can't take you to work. Wow, this is earthshaking! I'll have to let the world know this bicycle is different. Let's investigate in my village: 300 bicycles that do transport me....30 that don't. 30 bicycles that will not move. OK, a hidden secret or only Allah is perfect. My brother tell's me it's a hometrainer, but he's.....

Best regards,

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