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Subject  :  The Sikri Hypothesis- a clear(?) example
Author  :  Henry Sadovsky mailto:%20hfsadovsky@qwest.net
Date  :  11-22-2000 on 03:10 a.m.
Steve has been pointing out that it would be most useful to have some guidance as to what criteria might serve to allow recognition of the phenomenon Sikri described. IMO a two knot jog somewhere in the lower portion of a rug doesn't qualify as even a pregnant chad. I am, however, particularly intrigued by one of Yon's examples; the Beshir Carpet.

When I soften my focus I see that the field is compartmentalized by the clever and subtle (until you see it) drawing of at least one horizontal line. It is between the first and second register of major Guls.

1) The line is coincident with the abrash in the red ground from dark to less dark.

2) Follow the line out to the right and left borders. It is continued by the white lower borders of the two brackets (which comprise the lower half of the main border design element).

3) Note the use of white in the minor design elements which are asymmetrically bisected by the line. The upper half of these elements sit right on the line and further define it.

4) The line is buttressed by the darkening of some of the horizontal (blue/brown?) superior and inferior outlines of the Guls in the first and second registers.

I bet that Shiv would consider this an example of the phenomenon he described. Shiv, are you out there?

Does it signify anything? After you've looked for awhile, you will see this kind of thing often enough that you will certainly start to wonder. That is, if you haven't already.

Subject  :  Re:The Sikri Hypothesis- a clear(?) example
Author  :  Steve Price mailto:%20sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Date  :  11-22-2000 on 06:34 a.m.
Dear Henry,

I agree completely that the Beshir main carpet is an excellent example. I would take issue with the assertion that we should not take seriously those examples in which the irregularity consists of just a few knots, though.

Yon's Yomud juval with the single stray knot would be unimpressive if it were the only example. Yon says he has six such specimens in his own collection, and I consider him to be an absolutely reliable witness. If he owns six, there must be many more. Six specimens, all Yomud, all juvals, all with the same peculiarity, always in the same place, make a strong case for the peculiarity being something other than an accident.

That isn't to say that I think the peculiarity in the Yomud juvals and the one in the Beshir main carpet have the same significance to the weaver and her culture. They might, they might not.


Steve Price

Subject  :  Re:The Sikri Hypothesis- a clear(?) example
Author  :  Yon Bard mailto:%20doryon@rcn.com
Date  :  11-22-2000 on 09:02 a.m.
For the record: of the six Yomuds, one is an asmalyk, one is a torba-shaped trapping, and four are chuvals.

Regards, Yon

Subject  :  Re:The Sikri Hypothesis- a clear(?) example
Author  :  Steve Price mailto:%20sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Date  :  11-22-2000 on 09:33 a.m.
Dear Yon,

Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding. It's still way outside the range of random error.


Steve Price

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