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Subject  :  Bergama 1850 study
Author  :  Vincent Keers mailto:%20vkeers@worldonline.nl
Date  :  11-25-2000 on 08:21 a.m.
Dear all,

This Bergama has it all. If the mistake wasn't invented yet, it didn't exist.
One item that's pretty nice, are the two white knots in the border, which can't be a mistake because they are very well knotted and if the weaver didn't like the two knots, it would have taken her/him 30 seconds in replacing them, when the rug was finished. So a helping E.T. hand? I hope so.
If the I.E. does exist, I'm holding on to the two knots, in which I can find some technical satisfactionely explanation, because it would be so easy to correct. So who ever made the rug, had to think about it. The same goes for Yon's two white knots.
The same can be said about the intentional change in design at the left top corner border. This is a very frustrating example.

I think all the images speak for themselves. And I'm glad I polished my shoes this morning.

Best regards,
Vincent Keers

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