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Salon 54: Internal Elem: Myth or Reality? by Yon Bard

Summary - Yon Bard

No elem in the yastik - Wendel Swan

Internal Elems in Kurdish Weavings - Michael Wendorf

Internal Elems in Moroccan Rugs - Giambattista D'Alessio

A Yomud Torba - Kenneth Thompson

Some data - Yon Bard

Examples with Horizontal Lines in the Field - Steve Price

Problem solved - Vincent Keers

An Apology to Yon - Steve Price

Some Messages Vanished Overnight - Steve Price

Clear, concise definitions of the hypotheses, please - Steve Price

On anomalies -- and aesthetics - Marla Mallett

The Internal Elem Configuration and its Markings - Michael Wendorf


1001 nights - Vincent Keers

Bergama 1850 study - Vincent Keers

Ditzy dots or judicious jogs? - Henry Sadovsky

Your Yomud juval - Steve Price

The Sikri Hypothesis- a clear(?) example - Henry Sadovsky

A shred of evidence, maybe two shreds - Steve Price

Language and the Need for Deliberate Mistakes - R. John Howe

The Sikri Hypothesis - Henry Sadovsky

Keep on banging - Vincent Keers