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Subject  :  Concluding Remarks
Author  :  Sam Gorden mailto:%20gordsa@earthlink.net
Date  :  11-06-2000 on 09:05 a.m.
Dear Afficionados of TurkoTek,

I should like to express my gratitude to all who participated in the discussion. My aim was to draw attention to the great importance of our unique emotional reaction to these works-of-art. I believe that these enrich our lives. I hope that my endeavor was crowned by some success.

In my reading of the literature and in discussions concerning the Oriental carpet, it seemed to me that far too much stress has been devoted to determining origin, structures and art-historical aspects. It was with the intent and the hope that my diatribe would cause our participants to realize their personal emotional involvement. I thought that if collectors would concentrate on those elements which influenced their selections, it would cause them to become aware of the emotional forces behind their choices. It would also serve to lead to self-analysis. I think it was Socrates who said "Know Thyself". I conclude thanking all of you for your consideration.


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