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Subject  :  Greek Island Embroidery.
Author  :  Sam Gorden
Date  :  10-16-2000 on 03:57 p.m.
gordsa@earthlink.net Dear Richard, Congratulations on an excellent exposition on the subject of embroideries with niches. We have one in our collection which stems from the Greek Islands. The fact that it is composed of sewn-together parts stamps it as having this provenance. These are not a popular collectible and therefore not particularly valuable. I deem its age circa 1850 and it is silk on cotton with metal wire. Much of the latter has been lost. The Turkish influence is obvious. "From the Bosporus to Samarkand Flat Woven Rugs" by Landreu and Pickering shows an example on page 83. My knowledge of this ilk is nil! I wonder if any of our participants could shed light on my ignorance? Sam

Subject  :  RE:Greek Island Embroidery.
Author  :  Richard Farber
Date  :  10-17-2000 on 01:03 a.m.
Dear Mr. Gordon, Thank you for the image. The piece looks beautifully balanced. Roderick Taylor in Ottoman Embroidery, London 1993 deals with these niches in a section called "composite fabrics" pages 132-139. One of the pieces, the one on page 136 which looks similar to yours was assembled according to Taylor in 1870. So your guess as to age might well be right. Some of the sections of embroidery might well be much older. May I ask you if any of the design motives in part two of the salon seem at all familiar from any media? Richard

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