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Subject  :  Coda
Author  :  Richard Farber
Date  :  10-21-2000 on 09:22 a.m.
Dear TurkoTek fans,

As this opera comes to a close, I would like to add a little coda.

I believe that there are "concept" designs which appear in various techniques of visual expression. Themes which resonate through cultures and manifest themselves in different ways according to the media in which they are treated. Think of the various presentaions of . . . The central medallion in a rectangle . . . Fields of flowers . . . The meander . . . etc., etc.

I believe that the scale and proportion of the presentations, are also in themselves mediamatic.

My hope is that in stressing one medium of expression and one design concept in this salon some deep, fundamental things about the 'geist' of a culture at a particular time may be approached if not immediately understood. Perhaps we may eventually learn something about the differences between cultures from the ways that they treat a basic design concept. This is why my stress on the embroidered niche form, and also why I have been collecting embroidered squares.

Squares and Prayers, euphonious anyway.

Let me take this chance to publicly thank Steve Price for his work in the organization and appearance of the salon and for his behind the scenes, backstage email messages, and the others that wrote to me personally with many kinds word both about the essay and about the difficult times this part of the world is suffering and of course to those who braved the esoteric subject with public threads.

Thank you all.


Richard Farber

N.B In the future, if you do come across motives presented in part two of the essay in rugs or in the literature please do let me know.

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