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Author  :  Deschuyteneer Daniel
Date  :  09-30-2000 on 02:05 p.m.
Daniel Deschuyteneer Dear John and you all, In the third part of your Salon you present a Reyhanli kilim. Here is another more classical one with typical borders. I handled it four years ago when I began to learn and to be fascinated by Oriental art. Itís an end 19th century piece with all natural colors. Unfortunately, I didnít recorded its structure or its sizes. This Kilim has a tesselated back ground with only one repeated working unit which can be seen at each side of the two central pannels, but this is not the purpose of my posting. I donít know very much about these kilim woven in South Central-Eastern Anatolia and I ask myself why so few Reyhanli kilim are illustrated in books and why so few are available on the market. I hope that some one knowing this area can help. Until now I have only seen late kilim from this area. Is the production of this area a late feature? What are the characteristics of the Reyhanli kilim? Thanks for your help, Daniel

Author  :  Wendel Swan
Date  :  09-30-2000 on 10:47 p.m.
Dear Daniel, In his 1979 book Kilims, Yanni Petsopolous illustrates several kilims of the Reyhanli group, saying that none seems to predate the middle of the 19th Century. "The older examples are extremely tightly and finely woven." Most, he says, are drawn with great clarity, "a feature in keeping with the fact that they were virtually made to order for use in the sophisticated environment of town houses." Almost all have two to five narrow borders. Petsopolous illustrates a two-piece kilim substantially similar to mine at plate 218 and says that the design, while common enough on Reyhanlis, "is totally unknown on any other group of kilims." At plates 208 - 210 he shows three different examples of the type you posted, saying that it is the most common Reyhanli design. All three of them have three compartments rather than two as in the kilim you showed. Best regards, Wendel

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