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Subject  :  ??? rug.
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  09-24-2000 on 02:38 p.m.
Dear all, I took a quarter of all the design elements and created the "could be" original of the field design. Because the original was folded and pictured crooked I had to stretch some parts.
But I do not dare to give it a place in History. Central Iran, because of the white, rounded medallions, and the packed design. Because we didn't get any info on the technical aspects, it's hard to say. The "hairy" rug is my favorite. I'm glad Wendel had his rugs on display. The pictured "Tea" session on the purse could be a wine session, which makes it an item of romantic meeting. I'm sure there will be an old "love pom" concerning secret meetings between loved ones. I've seen this subject handled before in Iranian rugs and painting. Altough the "bearded" guy does look very fundamentalist and will not accept wine. Beautiful salon, Thank you, Best regards, Vincent Keers

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