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Subject  :  Knots
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  09-09-2000 on 10:35 a.m.
Dear all, Left-handed and right-handed workers. I can't imagine a wide rug being knotted by a couple left-handed and one right-handed because they're working in the same direction. Smaller rugs can be left-hand knotted (and being more artistic) oops! others rigth-hand knotted. And if intermariage between the clans is not common, as the designs suggest, so the left-and right-handed open to the left and open to the right knot is a side effect. Genetics comes in now. Best regards, Vincent Keers

Subject  :  RE:Knots
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  09-09-2000 on 10:48 a.m.
This isn't a new thread, this belongs to How structure evolves. I'm sorry. Vincent Keers

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