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Subject  :  Moghan
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  09-09-2000 on 09:03 a.m.
Dear Daniel, Thank you for this salon. The Moghan: Is it pictured pile up, or down? I'm asking this, for I'm having problems with the sloping inner borders in the upper part of the field. If I'm correct some triangles are missing in the corners. Why? If a rug is under debate, it's essential to know the way it has been seen by the one who knotted the rug. I've seen Caucasian prayer rugs with the pile down, but the niche-design turned 180 degrees. So, at what side did the Moghan-artist start? I find it a very beautiful specimen and it's roots could well be Azerbeidian, but I do not rule out Turkey. I've seen many Turkish/Caucasian rugs made by refugees after 1918 as it got hot in Russia. The lacking off floral, human, Christian, and perspective design gives the rug a very Islam-doctrine enviorment and less Christian. So, ethnics is Caucasian. Hellinistic? Yes. Coptic? Yes. Chinees? Yes. Aboriginal? 80% no. African? 50% no. Cher Daniel, mon Anglais est mauvais comme mon Francais, c'est pourquoi j'expresse mon grande admiration de votre travaille. Merci, Vincent Keers

Subject  :  RE:Moghan
Author  :  Deschuyteneer Daniel
Date  :  09-09-2000 on 10:12 a.m.
Dear Vincent, The photo below must be reversed. The bottom of the rug is at the top of the photo. I am glad to see you back and I hope we will see you more often on this board.
As Vincent is from Holland and as I am speaking very easily Flemmish let me answer him some words in Flemmish. Geachte Vincent, ik ben bijna helemaal tweetalig, zo als u eens mij een prive Email wil sturen, moogt u het aaltijd in Vlaams doen, ik heb geen één problem om u te kunnen verstaan. Hoogachtend, Daniel

Subject  :  RE:Moghan
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  09-09-2000 on 11:37 a.m.
Dear all, It's essential to post pictures upright. Paintings are displayed upright, I think. Best regards, Vincent Keers

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