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Subject  :  Mutant Murgh or Gamboling Lamb?
Author  :  Patrick Weiler
Date  :  08-21-2000 on 12:42 p.m.
jpweil00@gte.net Jerry, Your Salon does raise a very interesting question: Why no sheep? Many animals show up, especially in SW Persian rugs, but are they sheep? Take this Khamseh "Murgh" or Chicken rug. Is the animal near the center of the image, with a white body, in among the chickens, just a mutated chicken that got a little too close to the medallion and "lost his head" or is it really a lost little lamb, gamboling among the chickens?
Another even older rug has a farm yard of animals, this one could very well be a sheep:
And what could be a fat tailed sheep, or, alternatively, a horse:
There is an animal from a Khamseh saddlebag that looks suspiciously like a "Fat Tailed Sheep" in the next photo:
BUT, none of them is conclusively a sheep. It has me losing sleep. I guess I will just close my eyes and "count sheep". Patrick Weiler

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