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Subject  :  Conclusion!
Author  :  Sam Gorden
Date  :  08-10-2000 on 11:07 p.m.
gordsa@earthlink.net Dear Friends, It appears that the "Oriental Rug as a Work-Of-Art" has run its course and it is fitting that I intone a few words in its demise. My contention that our emotions rule our functioning received a mixed revue from readers. Steve wrote that there are more factors which influence the purchase of a piece beside the emotional response to its aesthetic values. What about those who invest in these artifacts? Allow me to insure him that here emotion plays a great role. Here, the individual idolizes money in lieu of aesthetics. Since my imperative was to create controversy, it seems that my objective had been achieved and I enjoyed the resulting commentary both positive and negative. I hoped that my diatribe has caused my readers to reathink their thoughts just as their replies effected me. Let us be thankful that TurkoTek exists and that we have an editor as asute and understanding as Steve. All the best to all of you from Sam

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