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Subject  :  The Venue
Author  :  Steve Price
Date  :  04-25-2000 on 09:32 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Folks, The Embassy Suites Hotel in Burlingame left me with feelings more mixed than at any ACOR or ICOC I've been to. It is a beautiful spot for a rug conference. Jerry's photos show how wonderfully the rugs on dealer row were shown off by being hung on the railings with the excellent light in the atrium. My image of what heaven must be like will be forever colored by the experience of having breakfast in the atrium. Good company, a nice variety of food, and surrounded by good rugs that seemed to change every hour or so. Who could ask for more? One problem. The Embassy Suites in Burlingame is in the middle of nowhere. The only thing within walking distance was the diner-type restaurant in the Red Roof Inn a block or so away. We were only about 15 miles from San Francisco, but getting there took more than an hour by public transportation, and on the one day that my family went downtown and had me meet them in the afternoon, it took us more than 3 hours to get back. Every other rug conference I've gone to has been in the middle of a city, and the convenience of being able to pop out for lunch or a quick buzz down to a museum or shop was really nice. A couple of the bay area dealers put on receptions in their showrooms, but without an auto it was not possible to get to them. I'm told that the location was selected because the San Francisco hotels are so expensive. On the other hand, Burlingame cost more per night than Philadelphia (ICOC) or Denver (ACOR), so I wonder a little about the wisdom of having it in the bay area if the city itself was prohibitively expensive. Steve Price

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