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Subject  :  Summary
Author  :  Jerry Silverman
Date  :  05-07-2000 on 03:39 a.m.
Summary The phenomenon that ACOR has become is evident from the spirited discussion that the latest has produced. Its accessibility for both novice and old-hand is seen throughout the threads that were generated in this Salon. In some ways the ACOR experience is like the old saw about the blind men describing an elephant. For some the highlight was the Dealers’ Row; for others it was the presentations; and for still others it was the exhibitions or the general aura of congeniality. In retrospect I may have been a little hard on the level of merchandise available for sale. Your comments have made me reconsider the quality of many of the things I passed by dismissively. Maybe it’s just some sort of protective reaction to keep me from pissing away my children’s college funds. I’m not sure myself. I was intrigued by the criticisms. Almost all of them were couched in language approaching apologetic. It was as though we’d all gone on a great date but later - sitting around having a drink with friends - realized there was a piece of spinach between her teeth all evening. One feels a little ungenerous pointing it out, but still.... Finally, I am of mixed emotions about the interest raised by this Salon. Favorable publicity may be the last thing ACOR needs. As was pointed out several times, size is the enemy of a successful ACOR. Yet I cannot imagine how someone who has never attended one, reading the postings in this Salon, would not be eager to attend the next. For this I apologize to the intrepid group of volunteers who have the daunting task of making us all happy in Indianapolis in 2002. Thank you all for your participation. Cordially, -Jerry-

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