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Subject  :  Effect of Iran on Turkish Rug Market?
Author  :  Steve Price
Date  :  03-26-2000 on 06:02 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Jenny, Some of the "rustic" rugs that have come out of Turkey in the past 10 years or so are very, very nice. I wonder whether the U.S. embargo on rugs from Iran is in any way related to the resurgence in Turkish weaving, and if the embargo's end will have any effect on it. My own impression is that the embargo didn't have much of an effect, adding a small percantage to the cost of Persian rugs shipped to Canada and then smuggled into the US. In fact, if the Canadian import tax on them is much less than that in the USA this may continue to be the predominant route of entry to the US. Steve Price

Subject  :  RE:Effect of Iran on Turkish Rug Market?
Author  :  Richie+Stone
Date  :  03-27-2000 on 01:58 p.m.
Hi It is my feeling that we will start seeing some fantastic Persian carpets coming out of Iran as soon as the lifting goes into effect.The rugs laying up in Canada and Madison Ave. in N.y. are generally middle of the road.Wait until we start seeing 90 raj Tabriz 40-60 needle Nain again etc. It is my opinion that Hereke and Kayseri prices wil have to be adjusted downward to remain competitive to these type of rugs. Even Persian rugs coming down from Canada are subject to U.S. import duty.The duty into the states is expected to be 2.5%.We will see some leading American importers setting up ventures in Iran again.I was excited to hear about the possibility of the foremost Kirman importer in the states before the embargo contemplating going back to Iran to set up facilities. I think as time goes on Turkish and Pakistani Persian designs will be under pressure to reduce prices.It will be interesting. Best wishes Richie

Subject  :  RE:Effect of Iran on Turkish Rug Market?
Author  :  Steve Price
Date  :  03-27-2000 on 02:13 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Richie (and everyone else, too), Most of your comments about the forthcoming boom in Persian rugs relates to workshop products. What about rustic and tribal rugs (to use Joyce Ware's terminology) from Iran? Is there a reservoir in Iran of traditional weaving methods similar to the revival of cottage industry work in Turkey over the past decade or two? Regards, Steve Price

Subject  :  RE:Effect of Iran on Turkish Rug Market?
Author  :  Marvin Amstey
Date  :  03-28-2000 on 08:38 a.m.
mamstey1@rochester.rr.com Hello Richie, Without going back to my books to translate the meaning of the various weaves, could you do so for me and the rest of the Turkotek readers: 90 Raj, 40-60 needle, etc? Thank you, Marvin

Subject  :  RE:Effect of Iran on Turkish Rug Market?
Author  :  Richie Stone
Date  :  03-29-2000 on 08:01 p.m.
To Marvin and Steve and All- Two replys Steve- I think the tribal works from Iran are totally a thing of the past. From what I have seen, dies, workmanship etc. are terrible. I agree with your observation- we will once again have fabulous workshop rugs from Iran and Turkey will be the source for rustic and tribal weavings. Marvin- Don't look it up. Here it is- Raj= 7cm; 1 cm= .3937 inches; Raj is primarily a horizontal measurement. However if the knots are not pulled down uniformly, it will be measured vertically also. Here are some breakdowns. 30 Raj = 118 KPI ; 40 Raj = 210 KPI ; 60 Raj = 473 KPI ; 90 Raj = 1066 KPI ; It is called needle in Nain; Raj in Tabriz; same meaning. The only exception to the above is in Kirman. The quality specification is called Joft - that is two times Raj, and it is only based on warp lines. One other quick comparison - 260 line Chinese = 60 Persian Raj. = 473 KPI. A third thought-- We will start seeing some fresh older pieces from Europe, that have been there in collections etc. While is has strictly been an export market for older pieces, I feel that with the lifting of the embargo, combined with new found wealth in this country, we will really see some great old pieces purchased in Europe for shipment to the States. Best wishes to all, Richie

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