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Subject  :  A Related Karapinar Kilim
Author  :  Guido Imbimbo
Date  :  03-16-2000 on 06:45 a.m.
Dear Mr Torchia and all, Another related kilim is advertised in Hali Issue 30, pag.15 in occasion of an exhibition in Vienna during the spring of 1986. Attributed to Karapinar the kilim (155x195 cm) is dated during the first half of XIX century. Regards, Guido

Subject  :  RE:A Related Karapinar Kilim
Author  :  Robert Torchia
Date  :  03-16-2000 on 10:16 a.m.
Guido: Thank you for this reference. Now we have one of these Karapinars illustrated in a vertical format! Undoubtably this is a two medallion fragment from a larger kilim. The background motifs are considerably more complex in form and visually more prominent than in my example and the Vakiflar one. The "tuning forks" are also multicolored. This opinion is quite subjective and of course I like all these kilims, but the large and prominent background motifs combined with the multicolored "tuning forks" tend to diminish the powerful, "super nova" effect of the serrated medallions. Incidentally, this example also contrasts the two shades of red, a phenomenon that distinguishes the group.

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