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Subject  :  Summary
Author  :  Stephen Louw
Date  :  02-25-2000 on 07:02 a.m.
slouw@global.co.za An interesting SALON, dominated by a discussion of specific weavings rather than the wedding ceremony itself. Whilst reluctant to link any weavings specifically to the wedding or dowry, most participants agreed that certain weavings were produced primarily or exclusively for ceremonial purposes, and that these would then be used in different ceremonies or for special occasions. In addition to kapunuk's and tent bands, the ok bash was discussed extensively, although participants are no closer to agreeing on the spelling, pronunciation or purpose of these interesting weavings. Although, as was pointed out to my embarrassment, suzani are not strictly Turkmen weavings, the production of ceremonial embroidery in Central Asia was also reviewed. Here the most interesting observation concerned the family dynamics involved in the production of main and filler elements on "wedding suzani".

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