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Author  :  Deschuyteneer Daniel
Date  :  02-14-2000 on 04:41 p.m.
Dear all, Most of you certainly remind that Marla Mallett explained once more during this Salon how wefts were crossed between sheds. She explained that this feature appears between “each” row of knots even if we don’t always see it clearly. Sometimes the weavers used a two span float when crossing their wefts (2,3,4,7), and this is not difficult to see even if the two weft yarns are of the same color, other times the two wefts crossed between sheds, with one yarn binding the other(1,3). In this case it’s very difficult to see it except when the two yarns are different. I am just examining a worn Kamseh rug. One white cotton weft and one light pink-orange wool weft are seen between each rows of knots. When the two wefts are of different colours seeing the crossed wefts is more easy. In this picture crossing with a two span float can well be seen in 2,3,4,7 and one yarn cross binding the other in 1 & 3. Notice also that it happens between “each” rows of knots. (6 not showed in the picture) Thanks, Daniel Deschuyteneer

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