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Subject  :  My sister got me into this
Author  :  Patrick Weiler
Date  :  01-22-2000 on 11:53 a.m.
jpweil00@gte.net I received a 2' x 1 1/2' Afghan mat as a Christmas present some 15 years ago. It has a white ground filled with anthropomorphic floral vases and scattered blossoms. Since it was an inch wider at one end, I decided to enter the lair of the rug dealer to see if I might find "a better one". My life has never been the same. I rummaged through his entire stack and decided the one I was given was the best of the lot of those $75 mats. I still have the mat. While I was there, I saw that the dealer had a monthly "auction" advertised, so I recklessly attended and bought a 6 x 9 Afghan of probably 50's vintage, with long, wild fringe a foot long and mysterious hexagonal devices in blue on a dark blood red field. My immersion into the untamed, dangerous underworld of rugs had begun. It wasn't long before I traded that old Afghan for a Brilliant, New, Bright, Synthetically Psychedelic, almost Explosively Coloful Authentic Tribal "at least 40 years old" (brand new) 8 x 5 Qashqa'i millefleurs prayer rug. Obviously the hype was affecting me. I needed help. Needless to say, I was not cured of my affliction. My first e-bay rug was a smokey-fading Shahsavan mafrash panel that I am scheming to trade for "a better one".....

Subject  :  Patrick Weiler's images
Author  :  Steve+Price
Date  :  01-27-2000 on 02:12 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Here are the images of Patrick's two rugs: Steve Price

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