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Subject  :  Summary
Author  :  Jerry Silverman
Date  :  01-29-2000 on 02:02 a.m.
First off, I want to thank all of those who bravely offered their "first time" stories and pictures. What these tales had in common was our shared ignorance and naivete. How easily we were led, or mis-led. How pleased we were with our new possessions. How completely clueless. It is worthwhile, nonetheless, to remind ourselves of this from time to time; lest we become proud and vain and arrogant in what little knowledge we've accumulated since then. And as for you who didn't join in.... One can only assume your first times were so horrible, so humiliating, so tragic that you still can't bring yourselves to relive them. Darn! They would have made the best stories. Cordially, -Jerry-

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