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Subject  :  Could be 18th Century
Author  :  R. John Howe
Date  :  01-02-2000 on 09:25 a.m.
Dear folks - I wrote this salon introduction some time in early October. Since then I've had a chance to show photos of my fragment, and the fragment itself, to some folks with considerable expertise. One of them commented that my dating is conservative and that this fragment is likely an 18th century piece. I would have been delighted with early 19th century but, if my fragment is earlier, it might strengthen somewhat the bases of the analogies with the "16th century" Alexander piece that I have offered above. Regards, R. John Howe

Subject  :  RE:Could be 18th Century
Author  :  Saul+Yale+Barodofsky
Date  :  01-08-2000 on 05:16 p.m.
Dear John, Firstly many thanks for the splendid example of an early Western Anatolian weaving. Looks neat. Would need to feel the piece before I agreed on your dating, but provisionally, I concur. In fact, 18th century might be a bit conservative. The major problem in dating Anatolian village and nomadic pieces is that we are used to equating condition with age, and the very active dowry process amongst the Anatolian peoples have given us many pieces which look much younger than they are. I must also add that the piece "reminds" me of Demetji Kula and an occasional Yunji that I have seen. No reasons, just feelings. Have you checked out "Rugs of the Peasants & Nomads of Anatolia" by Bruggerman & Bohmer (1983)? Neat section on the 'early" rugs of Western Anatolia, plus a great section on viewing color in weaving. Please also note that these pieces were exported to the west in large numbers in the late 19th century. Thus, there are certainly more of these floating around in the west than there are in Turkley - excepting Mosque's and Museums. Excuse the brevity of my response, but am amidst the trauma of moving the gallery after 20 plus years in one location. Happy hunting saul

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