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Salon du Tapis d'Orient

The Salon du Tapis d'Orient is a moderated discussion group in the manner of the 19th century salon devoted to oriental rugs and textiles and all aspects of their appreciation. Please include your full name and e-mail address in your posting.

And Thereby Hangs a Tale
Wendel Swan

We all have heard some tall tales in the course of our collecting. Some are about the rugs themselves while others are about those who buy or sell them. Many are just as fascinating as the rugs themselves.

I told a very lengthy one a few years ago on the old TurkoTek, which can still be accessed here.

I'd like to ask the TurkoTek participants to share with us their favorite stories.

There are a dozen categories into which participants can fit their stories. If the tale doesn't fit, you must not quit. Find the closest category and try it on.

Just as veracity is not always expected in the rug world, we should not expect that every tale will strictly adhere to the events as they occurred, but it would be better if we can believe that the postings are at least substantially true. If you don't have a tale of your own, tell someone else's.

Here are my titles for the categories:

As You Like It (the thrill of victory plus bargains and freebies)

All's Well That Ends Well (the agony of defeat averted)

The Tempest (controversies, arguments, disputes)

The Comedy of Errors (when nothing went right)

The Merchant of Venice (famous and infamous dealers and their deals)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (or nightmare)

The Merry Wives of Windsor (when someone should have listened)

Much Ado About Nothing (the evaporation of excitement)

Love's Labour Lost (tales of underbidding, hesitation, not knowing enough)

Two Gentlemen of Verona (wonderful people encountered through rugs)

Measure for Measure (which if not victory is yet revenge)

King "Leer" (that which you covet or those who have coveted)

Have fun.

Wendel Swan