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Subject  :  Two Gentlemen of Verona
Author  :  Administator
Date  :  11-07-1999 on 08:22 p.m.
Wonderful people encountered through rugs.

Subject  :  RE:Two Gentlemen of Verona
Author  :  Marvin Amstey
Date  :  11-08-1999 on 11:15 a.m.
mamstey1@rochester.rr.com There are a whole host of fellow rug lovers and collectors; but, there are two dealers, in particular, that I would honor by naming them here: Vartan Deverian and Berdji Andonian. Regards, Marvin

Subject  :  RE:Two Gentlemen of Verona
Author  :  Daniel Deschuyteneer
Date  :  11-13-1999 on 11:17 a.m.
Dear all, Until this morning I hadn't a "REAL" story ….. I didn't wanted to tell how, three years ago, I pretentiously discussed with the dealer, as if I knew something, when I bought my first rugs in Turkey. He surely quickly understood that I hadn't any experience and I paid for this bragging ten times the real price. Everybody knows how I met Steve Price through the Net and how with the reawake of Turkotek we have now the pleasure to exchange regularly our thoughts between gentlemen. I had already told how I met Marla Mallett, Swan Wendel and Mike Tshebull during last ICOC and the good moments we have had. Some pretty pictures of this event can be seen on Marla Web site. But now I have something …. Rugs help you to discover one part of your family "Are we related ? " This is the tittle of the posting I received this morning and only anonymous parts of it are reproduced here. "Greetings to you all, I've been searching for my European relatives for a bit, on and off. Today I typed in Deschuyteneer just to see if there were any connections on the Web and all of you popped up! …My great-grandparents, ……..Deschuyteneer, immigrated from Charleroi, Belgium in the late 1880's. They settled in a small town in western Pennsylvania …….. My father, …. was the youngest of 9 children and he was born in 1920. He is the last remaining child. .. left 9 children and 18 grandchildren and now there are many many great- grand and great-great grandchildren…." I knew that one branch of my family immigrated at the end of the 19th century to the USA but never search to know who they were and knows nothing about the American branches. My grand mother is from Charleroi and my grand father from Bievenne. They inhabited in Charleroi a long time … Yes … having post on the Turkotek site where my correspondent found my name, will give me the opportunity to discover one part of my family. Cordially, Daniel

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