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Subject  :  Love's Labour Lost
Author  :  Administrator
Date  :  11-07-1999 on 08:21 p.m.
Tales of underbidding, hesitation, not knowing enough.

Subject  :  RE:Love's Labour Lost
Author  :  Patrick Weiler
Date  :  11-13-1999 on 06:41 p.m.
jpweiler@worldnet.att.net Many is the time I have hoped to find a great big rug at a reasonable price. I met a collector at a "Going Out Of Business" auction a number of years ago. He bought a florid orange Turkish prayer rug that night. He said he told his wife that he was really looking for a dining room rug, but could never find one the right size, age or color, so he kept on buying "throw-rugs" instead. He had a lot of small rugs. I also have desired to have one very large rug instead of a number of smaller rugs, and one day came across a 12' x 22' Kashan of acceptable construction and age. The antique dealer said he had it for quite some time but could not sell it and lowered the price to $1,700. I said I would be back the next day if it would fit in my house. The largest room measured out at 22'4" x 12'2". I would have to put furniture on it, but it would fit! I drove up there (75 miles) the very next day. When I got there, he said his assistant had just bought it from him and was coming to take it away. I felt like the boat had just left the dock without me. Needless to say, I have never again had such an opportunity.

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