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Subject  :  Measure for Measure
Author  :  Administrator
Date  :  11-07-1999 on 08:25 p.m.
Which if not victory is yet revenge.

Subject  :  RE:Measure for Measure
Author  :  Wendel+Swan
Date  :  11-17-1999 on 05:25 p.m.
wdswan@erols.com Many years ago I stopped into the shop of a well-known dealer from whom I had purchased several pieces at what could only be described as retail. I asked the price of a small Northwest Persian or Caucasian bag face with great color and lustrous wool. At that time, the exact origin of the type was unknown. The dealer's response was: "More than you would pay." My unspoken responsive thought was: "How true, because I wouldn't buy it at any price now." I left the shop and almost never returned again. Within a year, I saw the bag face in the hands of another collector and told him that I would like to buy it if he ever sold it. About four years after I first saw it, the collector offered it to me at what he had paid for it. It was not inexpensive, but I gladly paid the price and still have and love the piece. In a turnaround on the phrase, I can now say: "Which if not revenge is yet victory." Wendel

Subject  :  RE:Measure for Measure
Author  :  Jerry Silverman
Date  :  11-18-1999 on 02:34 a.m.
Not to quibble about your turn of phrase, but wouldn't this be a better example of: "Revenge is a dish best served cold." -Jerry-

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