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Subject  :  A Caucasian and a Turkmen
Author  :  Mike Tschebull
Date  :  10-10-1999 on 10:19 p.m.
tschebul@netaxis.com First, I've got to say I'm interested in the very concept of top 20 Cubs. You really think there're twenty? I know, as a Phillies and Mets fan, I can't sneer too much. Go, Mets! My nomination for top Kazak would be the Abadjian Star Kazak that Sotheby's NY sold several years ago and which E. Herrmann subsequently sold. Finely knotted, good color balance, well drawn -the standard by which I think (the many) others of this type should be judged. Top Turkman: Hans Koenig's Ersari carpet, published as plate 44, U. Schuermann's "Central Asian Rugs", 1969. The published detail only hints at its beauty.

Subject  :  The Straka Marasali
Author  :  Steve+Price
Date  :  10-11-1999 on 07:25 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Here's another nominee for one of the all time best Caucasians - probably the best (and certainly the most often published) Caucasian prayer rug. It has wonderful colors and composition, is one of the most finely woven known Caucasian rugs (288 knots per square inch), and is usually attributed to the late 18th century. It was owned by Jerome and Mary Jane Straka. And, as though woven for Yon Bard on commission, there is a change in the width of the borders just as the field is beginning to be drawn. This is a truly great piece. Steve Price

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