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Subject  :  "Love"
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  10-11-1999 on 07:10 p.m.
Dear all, Isn't it better to post a rug you love? A rug you yourself pamper? I can find a rug-picture in a book or in Hali attractive, nice design, good balance etc. like I love looking at pictures in Playboy. But if I'm telling you centrefold number 89 is best, it doesn't mean a thing. Maybe the proportions are o.k. but what happens when you open your eyes one mornig and she's next to you? Maybe it's not a very good example for I've never seen number 89. In short: The best rug is the rug you have and it's the rug that is available, within your reach financial and in real live. That's why the rug has been made. When high-finance gets in the way, the real rug is dead. And not a person on the world can tell me what I should or should not like. "How do I make art?"...."You set the rules and you follow them." Best regards, Vincent

Subject  :  RE: "Love"
Author  :  Steve+Price
Date  :  10-11-1999 on 08:31 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Vincent, Everything you say is pretty much true. I have rugs that I love, and so do most of those who participate on this site. But Jerry's topic is, what are the best rugs of all time (or, as Patrick Weiler reminded me, of the past 1,000 years)? This is a different question than, what are the favorite rugs in your collection? It would be surprising if any of us are intimate enough with any of the 10 best of the millenium to be able to say we love it. Regards, Steve Price

Subject  :  RE: "Love"
Author  :  Sophia+Gates
Date  :  10-12-1999 on 11:10 a.m.
Thunderbird@21stcentury.net I am sympathetic to Vincent's suggestion - never having seen in person any of the proposed "winners"! It's difficult, having seen only photos, to argue with any of them. However, I think we should have a separate discussion revealing our personal favorites - the ones in our own collections. What do you think?

Subject  :  RE: "Love"
Author  :  Steve+Price
Date  :  10-12-1999 on 12:48 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Sophia and Vincent, Discussions of the favorite rugs in our own collections would be fun, but unless there is some smooth segue into the subject, it is outside of the topic. Perhaps a future Salon will take this up. Our Show and Tell board is an almost ideal venue for such things. Since we don't archive it, it would even let people indulge the inevitable infatuation with the most recent acquisition, posting a new "best of my collection" with every new addition! On the other hand, it is sort of like selecting the favorite one of your children. Regards, Steve Price

Subject  :  RE:
Author  :  Vincent+Keers
Date  :  10-12-1999 on 07:09 p.m.
Dear all, If I'm reading the subject well, Jerry doesn't tell us what to do. Most significant, most expensive, most battered, best design, most discussed, best quality and maybe all together in one rug? So why can't most loved be a subject. It doesn't have to be in your collection. Maybe it's in your recollection, some event took place on or around the rug. Maybe you brook a leg because of the rug. The story makes the rug. The best rug, is the rug we are missing now. It burned in the second worldwar in Berlin. This has been the most creul century, lets end it with real.....? Yes. Best regards, Vincent

Subject  :  RE:love
Author  :  Marvin Amstey
Date  :  10-13-1999 on 10:44 a.m.
mamstey1@rochester.rr.com Dear Vincent, What did you have in mind about something taking place on the rug in order to make one love it? Regards, Marvin

Subject  :  RE:
Author  :  Vincent Keers
Date  :  10-13-1999 on 05:19 p.m.
Dear Marvin, As long as you think it's worthy of do´ng on the rug, it's o.k. with me. Best regards, Vincent

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