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Subject  :  Two Turkish and one Mughal
Author  :  John Howe
Date  :  10-14-1999 on 11:00 p.m.
rjhowe@erols.com My first piece is the Met animal carpet. (ORR, cover, June/July, 92) I like its simplicity and I'm a sucker for compartment (or seeming compartment) designs. As a Turkmen collector, it has too many borders for me. Perhaps it's only late 11th or 12th century. My second piece is just one of the wonderful "yellow ground" rugs from the Konya area. (Look at the entire Orient Stars yellow ground Konya section, it's in there.) Again, a primitive simplicity of design, wonderful colors, and some medallions to warm the heart of a Turkomaniac. The border in this piece is not at the level of some of the other pieces in the yellow ground group and the end treatment only average. Still, it's a rug that seems to me to have real punch. My third piece is Mughal. (Flower Underfoot, page 111) Only a fragment, it is one of the most gloriously sumptuous designs I have seen (and to think that Cecil Edwards liked mere Kermans). One wonders how a person could take the complete piece in. Wonderfully complex drawing, vibrant colors, and sophisticated color use. And pashima wool that permits a thousand or two knots per square inch (I didn't check) and must have been addictive under bare or slippered feet. A very urban red ground rug that a Turkmen collector can truly love. I'm sure there are seven more I could dig out but I need to catch a plane - to London. Regards, R. John Howe

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