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Subject  :  Displaying backs of bags
Author  :  Jerry Silverman
Date  :  09-13-1999 on 03:52 a.m.
Dear Steve,

I'll go check my bag backs tomorrow, but tonight I think I've got a solution to the problem of how to mount a bag so its front and back may be seen - easily.

Rug dealers use "arms" to display lots of rugs in a small area by hanging them from swinging arms that can be attached to the wall. That way a rug can be swung from one side to the other, exposing the rug on the arm behind it (and, incidentally, revealing the back of the rug being swung past). Am I making myself clear? These "arms" are large, costly installations that can hang rugs as large as 9'x12'.

I'm not suggesting that we all run out to a rug dealer's supply house to buy arms. What I have in mind is a much smaller device that operates on exactly the same principle. There are chrome bathroom fixtures with two or three "arms" about 18" long that are made to hang bath towels on. It would be pretty easy to hang bags from the arms instead. One might even be able to display three bags from the same fixture in the same way rug dealers display their rugs but on a smaller scale. And it would probably support the weight without too much trouble since they weigh less than most bath towels.

Just a thought....

Now to look at the backs of my bags.



Subject  :  RE:Mounting bags for front and back visibility
Author  :  Marvin+Amstey
Date  :  09-13-1999 on 07:17 p.m.
Dear Jerry, Nice idea, but would you take apart a complete salt bag such as Steve has shown, sewn together with the original goat hair or whatever just to show the front and back over a towel rack? How about hanging it from the ceiling and let it spin like a mobile? That way it stays intact and visible from all sides. Or, like most of us, store them in a closet and take them out occassionally to admire or show off. Best regards, Marvin

Subject  :  RE:Mounting bags for front and back visibility
Author  :  Steve Price
Date  :  09-13-1999 on 08:08 p.m.
sprice@hsc.vcu.edu Dear Marvin, If I understand Jerry, he'd want some kind of a fastening system (clips?) to hold the intact bag on the towel rack, more or less the way those big rug racks work. Draping a bag over the arm of the rack wouldn't help much. In fact, a pair of khorjin would wind up with the faces visible and the backs hidden no matter how the arm was turned. Steve Price

Subject  :  RE:Mounting bags for front and back visibility
Author  :  Jerry Silverman
Date  :  09-13-1999 on 11:46 p.m.
Right, Steve. Clips would work. Or better yet, for khorjin with closure loops - just run the arm through the loops. Now does anyone have a good way to hang a salt bag? -Jerry-

Subject  :  RE:Mounting bags for front and back visibility
Author  :  Deschuyteneer Daniel
Date  :  09-14-1999 on 01:40 a.m.
Only for serious readers Hi Jerry, You don't know, but I have very delicate ears which freeze easily during the winter… So I have just imagined another way to show all the sides of a salt bag. I could wear the salt bag as a hat. My ears and my nap would be protected from cold and every body should be able to see all the faces of the salt bag. Hoping we will have a wintry weather during ICOC. I think this hat will receive a very good price at a next auction. :+)) Remember the question you asked to Steve concerning the fringes …. Ha, ha Cordially Daniel

Subject  :  RE:Mounting bags for front and back visibility (Jane Collins)
Author  :  Jane
Date  :  09-15-1999 on 04:41 p.m.
Dear Steve, Marvin, Jerry et al -- A framing shop that does museum quality work should be able to build a shadow box with glass or plexiglass and a hanging mechanism within appropriate to the piece. Then you attach a 180 degree hinge with a removable hinge pin, attach to the wall, preferably to a stud. If you want to remove the piece for closer examination you simply lift the hinge pin out and open the box. You can have the weaving facing one way or the other according to your mood. Best Regards, Jane Collins

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